Street party

Street party-71When I opened my curtains on Saturday morning I saw the image of lovely little girl in a party dress waiting for a party to start. The street was free of cars, the sun was shining and there was happy music flowing out for all to enjoy. Today was Stanbury and Almorah roads first official street party! The community had come together to make it a special day, there was a lounge area, games for the children and lots of music and food.  Who knew how many talented people lived on our humble street. From beautiful acapella,  to soulful rock and folk music everyone joined in (including me singing Joni Mitchell unrehearsed!).

It was such a fantastic day where we we got to have a break from our normal busy lives and reconnect with those around us.  I feel very lucky to be living in such a lovely place where the people came together to throw an truly awesome street party!  Lets hope that we get to do it again next year 😉


Street party-6 Street party-16 Street party-23 Street party-32 Street party-44 Street party-59 Street party-53Street party-60Street party-35 Street party-71 Street party-94 Street party-115 Street party-118 Street party-125 Street party-130 Street party-136 Street party-149 Street party-157 Street party-175 Street party-185 Street party-211 Street party-222 Street party-276Street party-237 Street party-279Street party-230Street party-283 Street party-281

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