2015 – the best bits!

W0025-Naomi & Jack-372What a spectacular year 2015 has been! Looking back at all the weddings that I have photographed since having Harris has really made me realise how much I love what I do.   This time last year I was busy preparing for my first wedding of 2015 and I will admit that I was more than a little nervous about returning to work.  However as soon as I started shooting it was like nothing had changed and I was back capturing moments and searching out beautiful photographs just like before.

Choosing my favourite photographs has been a rather epic task and I know that there are a few too many photographs but I just couldn’t take anymore out! Especially as each image documents a precious memory of a very special day.  I really hope that they make you smile.

A special mention has to go out to my fantastic couples who have planned the most unique and fun filled weddings. I always make getting to know them before the day a priority and this has helped me to put them at ease and capture their true personalities on the day.  I believe that every wedding is totally individual for each couple and the photographs are an extension of this. Why not share an ice cream, hang out with your gorgeous black lab, take the VW van out for a spin or dance on a balcony overlooking Bristol on your big day!

I’d like to say a big thanks to the people around me who made this year possible. My lovely husband Tom who has looked after Harris while I was off gallivanting with my camera and supporting me afterwards when I have been deliriously tired.  Also I am very grateful to my parents who have helped so much by looking after Harris so that I can edit all the weddings.  It has been really nice to work to the sound of my son happily giggling downstairs while he hangs out with his grandparents.

I think that 2015 has been pretty amazing and I feel very lucky and proud to have shared so many special times with some truly wonderful couples.

Thanks to everyone for letting me be a part of your day and feel like part of your family too.

But most of all thanks for being yourselves!

Sam xxx

W0026 - Vicki & Chris-274W0029 - Jess & Chris 464W0028_Sarah & Steve 160W0022-Zoe & Gaz-266W0027 Abby & Dave 461W0029 - Jess & Chris 241W0025-Naomi & Jack-311W0026 - Vicki & Chris-531W0017_Claire&Kev-358W0023_Charlotte & Chris-370W0022-Zoe & Gaz-348W0020_Sandy&Keith-293 W0026 - Vicki & Chris-136 W0025-Naomi & Jack-390W0024 - Melody & Tim-556W0021- Gavin & Heather-538W0027 Abby & Dave 323W0019_Michelle & Geoff-257Mike and Jen-136W0023_Charlotte & Chris-557W0026 - Vicki & Chris-296-2 W0019_Michelle & Geoff-411-2 W0024 - Melody & Tim-329W0020_Sandy&Keith-119W0019_Michelle & Geoff-132Mike and Jen-273W0021- Gavin & Heather-321-Edit-2W0029 - Jess & Chris 161W0022-Zoe & Gaz-204 W0024 - Melody & Tim-495W0025-Naomi & Jack-90W0026 - Vicki & Chris-310W0023_Charlotte & Chris-65W0023_Charlotte & Chris-547 W0019_Michelle & Geoff-183-2W0017_Claire&Kev-292-Edit
W0026 - Vicki & Chris-256 W0027 Abby & Dave 05Mike and Jen-116 W0019_Michelle & Geoff-337 W0022-Zoe & Gaz-462W0025-Naomi & Jack-195W0025-Naomi & Jack-585 W0024 - Melody & Tim-161Mike and Jen-372W0019_Michelle & Geoff-485W0029 - Jess & Chris 498W0023_Charlotte & Chris-55W0021- Gavin & Heather-390W0021- Gavin & Heather-236 W0024 - Melody & Tim-284W0019_Michelle & Geoff-385W0029 - Jess & Chris 199W0021- Gavin & Heather-84 W0022-Zoe & Gaz-175 W0022-Zoe & Gaz-485 W0019_Michelle & Geoff-293W0022-Zoe & Gaz-373W0026 - Vicki & Chris-244W0023_Charlotte & Chris-528 Mike and Jen-414 W0029 - Jess & Chris 278W0024 - Melody & Tim-357
W0027 Abby & Dave 253 W0022-Zoe & Gaz-657W0027 Abby & Dave 283 W0026 - Vicki & Chris-98 W0028_Sarah & Steve 173W0023_Charlotte & Chris-352
W0023_Charlotte & Chris-565 W0029 - Jess & Chris 247 W0023_Charlotte & Chris-505W0023_Charlotte & Chris-435

W0023_Charlotte & Chris-570

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