Olivia December 23, 2015 14Just before Christmas I had the pleasure of meeting beautiful 2 week old Olivia.  I had met James and Amy at a wedding a few years ago and so I was really honoured to be asked to photograph their new arrival.  As a Mum myself I know how precious those early days are and how fast babies change.  I wanted to create a genuine and beautiful portrait of her and them as a family that they could look back on and enjoy for years to come. The shoot took place at Olivia’s grandparents house and was really relaxed and informal.  I believe in documenting real moments and my favourite shots were taken when they were naturally cuddling and interacting with each other. When she opened her eyes she was full of expressions and you could just start to see her character coming out.

Olivia you are such a gorgeous little girl and your parents clearly love and cherish you!

Thanks for letting me photograph you, I hope that we get to meet again soon.


Olivia December 23, 2015 41 Olivia December 23, 2015 9Olivia December 23, 2015 15Olivia December 23, 2015 19 Olivia December 23, 2015 7Olivia December 23, 2015 37Olivia December 23, 2015 20-2Olivia December 23, 2015 34Olivia December 23, 2015 8Olivia December 23, 2015 40

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