Liz & Ian

Liz & Ian  475Liz & Ian’s wedding was a day of two halves.  The first was grand, the second was rustic and together they created an epic day.

Saying ‘I do’ at St Mary Redcliffe Church in the heart of Bristol was magnificent. With its Cathedral like proportions it seemed only right for Ian to don a top hat (and cane at times) and Liz looked stunning in her dress with its long train and veil which was perfect for the venue. There was so much to this wedding that made everything seem so personal and special. Having a Brownie guard of honour was certainly unique and extremely cute too. Since getting to know Ian and Liz, I have learned that they like nothing better than a wander through the countryside so we snuck off to a field overlooking Chew Valley. We had so much fun there and it was lovely to see them relishing the opportunity to have some time out together. Our next stop was Fernhill Farm nestled on top of the Mendips which with its barns and fields provided a gorgeous backdrop for the reception.   The marquee looked great and was crammed full of gorgeous decorations most of which had been lovingly made by Liz herself. The amazing felt animal centerpieces and table names after new chemical elements was so original reflecting the bride & groom’s life, personalities and creativity. There was even a traditional Swedish almond cake made by Liz’s Mum that was handed out to all the guests and tasted amazing too. The biggest hit of the day though was Wellie wanging that produced many impressive and disastrous throws. The fun didn’t stop there, as the awesome band the Zoots fired up their guitars and provided a suitable finale to Mr & Mrs Griffiths awesome day.   I have to say that my favourite moment of the day was a bit of impromptu dancing by Ian & Liz down a gorgeous and slightly muddy lane. This couple certainly know how to have fun. Congratulations Liz & Ian. Thanks for letting me document your day, I loved every minute!

Sam xxx

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One thought on “Liz & Ian

  1. Hi Sam, thanks for sharing this blog – you have summed up their day perfectly as I was a little worried about their choice of wedding venue after such a magnificent church – a rustic real farm with poo and puddles but as I got to know Ian & Liz and their ways, they helped me realize that our barns create the perfect weekend venue to enable guests to feel welcome and be able relax in the countryside – Liz loves real spaces and her ability to create felt animals is fabulous – giving her a present of Fernhill farm fleecey curls and lopi yarns was ace !! Please may I share this blog on our website and FB pages or shall I just use a few photos ?
    Thanks again, jen

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