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C Hazell Family 37

My first family portrait shoot of the year got off to a flying start as I photographed Jack, George and their Mum and Dad enjoying a sunny Sunday morning in some beautiful local woods. We had such fun together and it was a real pleasure to document the boys playing and exploring the woods. My goal for every shoot is to take stunning natural portraits of a family whilst also capturing moments that express the essence of a family. Photographing the brothers play, laugh and climb was great and even included timeless childhood games such as  “Ip Dip,sky blue, who’s it? Not you!” and jumping around like superheroes! I do love capturing spontaneous and authentic moments and this shoot was full of them.

Thanks to the Hazell family, it was a real joy to spend some time with a fun and really loving family.  I hope to have created a snapshot of your wonderful family that will be treasured for many years to come.

Thanks Sam xx

C Hazell Family 7

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