Charlotte and Chris

W0023_Charlotte & Chris-352Many years ago Charlotte dreamt that one day she would get married in Llandeilo followed by a wonderful reception at her parents house and maybe, just maybe the Welsh rain would stay away.  I’m pleased to say that her dream did come true. Chris & Charlotte’s day was absolutely stunning, they were surrounding by family and friends from near and far and the sun shone just at the right time. The views, the dress, the details, the brass band, the trampoline, Cara and a super cute page boy made everything so special and perfect.

We were all very relieved to not have fallen into the lake when their gorgeous black lab Cara approached us at speed up the pontoon. Luckily after an exciting reunion she simply just decided to lay down on the long train of Charlotte’s dress.  I know that before the wedding Chris and Charlotte were both quite nervous but after they said ‘I do’ they both relaxed and embraced every moment.  The trampoline was not planned but Chris couldn’t resist and it created one of those magical spontaneous moments that they will never forget.

Huge congratulations to the new Mr and Mrs McAnaney, you guys are such a lovely couple and I wish you both (and Cara) all the happiness in the future.

Sam x
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W0023_Charlotte & Chris-115 W0023_Charlotte & Chris-123 W0023_Charlotte & Chris-133 W0023_Charlotte & Chris-135 W0023_Charlotte & Chris-139 W0023_Charlotte & Chris-146 W0023_Charlotte & Chris-149 W0023_Charlotte & Chris-150
W0023_Charlotte & Chris-153 W0023_Charlotte & Chris-154 W0023_Charlotte & Chris-171 W0023_Charlotte & Chris-172 W0023_Charlotte & Chris-175 W0023_Charlotte & Chris-178 W0023_Charlotte & Chris-181
W0023_Charlotte & Chris-201
W0023_Charlotte & Chris-207 W0023_Charlotte & Chris-210 W0023_Charlotte & Chris-212 W0023_Charlotte & Chris-216 W0023_Charlotte & Chris-221 W0023_Charlotte & Chris-222 W0023_Charlotte & Chris-232 W0023_Charlotte & Chris-266
W0023_Charlotte & Chris-272 W0023_Charlotte & Chris-293 W0023_Charlotte & Chris-295 W0023_Charlotte & Chris-310 W0023_Charlotte & Chris-319 W0023_Charlotte & Chris-324W0023_Charlotte & Chris-345 W0023_Charlotte & Chris-326 W0023_Charlotte & Chris-327 W0023_Charlotte & Chris-334 W0023_Charlotte & Chris-352 W0023_Charlotte & Chris-370 W0023_Charlotte & Chris-379 W0023_Charlotte & Chris-420 W0023_Charlotte & Chris-435
W0023_Charlotte & Chris-462 W0023_Charlotte & Chris-480 W0023_Charlotte & Chris-505 W0023_Charlotte & Chris-516 W0023_Charlotte & Chris-528 W0023_Charlotte & Chris-532 W0023_Charlotte & Chris-544 W0023_Charlotte & Chris-547 W0023_Charlotte & Chris-550 W0023_Charlotte & Chris-556 W0023_Charlotte & Chris-557 W0023_Charlotte & Chris-564W0023_Charlotte & Chris-567W0023_Charlotte & Chris-569W0023_Charlotte & Chris-570W0023_Charlotte & Chris-588W0023_Charlotte & Chris-599W0023_Charlotte & Chris-600

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