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MShed096 MossAbby & Dave’s Bristol wedding was truly unique and so much fun!  M Shed was the fantastic venue for the day providing a modern setting with its fantastic geometric architecture set in the heart of Bristols historic harbour side.  Sharing the special time when the bride gets ready is always such a privilege but seeing how excited Abby’s bridesmaids were to unveil and help put on the dress was heart warming.  She looked beautiful in her dress and her Mum’s precious jewellery provided the perfect finishing touches.  I’ll always remember the vision of her stood looking across the City with the light from the window falling across her.  

Over at M Shed, the main room was beautifully decorated with splashes of Abby’s favourite colour and there were cute flower girls and page boys running around. Dave and his groomsmen were busy greeting guests and excitement and anticipation filled the air as we waited for Abby to arrive. It was an emotional moment when she walked down the aisle followed closely by an joyful ceremony full of smiles and laughter for everyone.  Photographing the new Mr and Mrs Moss stroll happily against a backdrop of cranes, train tracks and steamboats was really fun.  Not to mention when we stumbled across a gorgeous vintage green Bristol bus and they couldn’t resist hopping on.

Now I can’t truly communicate the spirit of the rest of their day without talking about… dance!  Dave and Abby actually met at a dance class and by an amazingly brilliant coincidence the iconic M Shed cranes decided to dance for one night only on their wedding date.  We stood on the balcony looking across the harbour while thousands of people stared back watching the cranes light up and move to the music. It was truly magical capturing Dave and Abby huddled together silhouetted against the colourful lights.   After the awesome show it was time for the first dance and their amazing choreographed moves did not disappoint the cheering crowd.  Now I have seen a few dance floors in my time but I have to say that this dance floor was absolutely electric as the bride, groom and close friends made some serious shapes positively lighting up the dance floor.  I don’t think there has been a wedding where I have wanted to join in more.

What an unforgettable day!

MShed002 Moss

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One thought on “Abby & Dave

  1. Fabulously fun photos. What great timing with the crane dance! Bristol is such a photogenic city. Congrats Abby and Dave (lovely bus!) and good work Sam x

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